SEC&G offers tips to help reduce utility bill


If you recently received a bill from SCE&G that is particularly high, you’re not alone.

Utility customers with SCE&G across the state are raising concerns about higher bills during the cold winter months. With heaters remaining on more frequently, energy bills are becoming more expensive.

Officials with SCE&G are reminding customers to keep your thermostat on 68 or below. During the summer, they suggest setting the air conditioning unit at 78 or above if possible.

Also, customers with a heat pump in their home are encouraged to manage it by turning it off when you’re not at home to reduce energy.

“Some customers have asked us if rates have changed and, actually, residential electric rates are a little bit lower than they were this time last year,” said Ginny Jones of SCE&G. “What’s happened though is, because of the extreme cold weather in fact earlier in January, customers used more energy than ever. That energy use is translating into higher bills.”

Officials at SCE&G recommend using their energy-tracking tool on your online account to learn about how your home uses energy.

Other ways to manage your energy use when you’re not at home include changing air filters regularly and opening curtains in your home.

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