Sisters ‘disgusted,’ say they found bed bugs in Lancaster hotel room


A quick stop while visiting family turned into a concerning situation for a local woman.

What was supposed to be a night’s stay while Renee Hall Dacanay visited her sister, soon became an unpleasant experience.

She says her family arrived at the Super 8 hotel in Lancaster. When they woke up from a nap, she said they found bed bugs surrounding them.

“We looked at our bodies and realized we had been [bitten],” Dacanay said.

She and her sister, Jacqueline Hall, sent in photos of what they say is the inside of the hotel bedroom. “It’s disgusting,” Hall says.

Both women say they reported the incident to the general manager but claim that they were unable to come to an agreement.

The general manager, Bob Patel, said he offered to move the women to a different room or give them a refund if they left. “You know, if you see the bed bugs let me change the room. If you want to check out, we’re going to do the full refund,” Patel, who is the general manager of the Super 8, said.

The sisters, however, say Patel did not offer a refund.

“He tried to be combative and I was trying to be conflict resolution oriented,” says Dacanay. The pair said they were told they could either switch rooms or leave the hotel.

Now, they say they just want to see an apology and resolution.

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