MarshWalk continues to grow as a popular location for visitors, residents


MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – Murrells Inlet is one of the fastest growing places along the Grand Strand.

On Tuesday, hundreds came out to the MarshWalk celebrating Fat Tuesday, with a MarshWalk twist.

‘Marshi Gras’ they call it.

Just twenty years ago, the Inlet was just a fishing village, but has grown into a popular tourist destination.

Which raises the question, how has Murrells Inlet become successful?

People celebrating said it’s the family-friendly atmosphere, businesses working together, but most of all creating a fun and safe environment for all ages.

“I remember when the Marsh Walk was built and it was a big thing for the whole south end down here,” said Tripp Faile.

But it all started as a vision, then turned into much more.

“We have a strong focus on our natural resource, the Inlet, so a lot of what we do here in Murrells Inlet and Garden City revolves around the Inlet,” said Meredith Mullen with Murrells Inlet 2020.

They also have a strong focus on family-friendliness, the atmosphere downtown Myrtle Beach is trying to create.

“People from here would go up there, I know we go up there, but a lot of the people we speak to down here are from up there,” said Tina Smith.

As for the MarshWalk, they continue to thrive and look forward to the next 20 years.

Upcoming events include a St. Patrick’s Day celebration and the PGA Masters at the MarshWalk, featuring mini golf.

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