Conway senior living resident celebrates a big birthday


CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – One Conway woman celebrated a very special birthday Monday – her 100th! With a century of memories to reflect on, Kathleen Bond says she’s had a wonderful life.

Born on February 19th, 1918 in Alexandria, Virginia, Kathleen says there’s no secret to living to be 100 years old.

“I don’t think there’s any secret. I had my mother’s genes. She was 96 when she died,” she said.

Monday was celebrated with friends and family – the only way she wanted it. She said turning 100 really doesn’t feel all that different.

“I can’t say that I feel much different than a short time ago except that I have a few problems with health, which is expected,” she explained.

The party was complete with a teal, Kathleen’s favorite color, cake, and a huge pile of cards Brookdale started collecting over a month ago. She even got letters from Brookdale’s CEO and Governor Henry McMaster, wishing her a happy birthday.

Kathleen had a career in the federal government. She worked for the Pentagon and even NASA – during the moon landing.

“I worked in the atmosphere of some of the greatest minds in the world who came from everywhere to see what was going on at NASA with space. I really loved going to work,” she said.

Her favorite astronaut was Gus Grissom because she said he had a bubbly personality and “he was so enthusiastic about being there and being an astronaut.”

The last surviving of 13 children, Kathleen had three children of her own. She also has three grand kids and two great-grand kids.

When asked what she would say if she had to give advice to a younger generation, here’s what Ms. Kathleen had to say, “”They need to turn back to the church, no matter what denomination it is, the Lord doesn’t care, so long as you’re loving and obey his commandments….we’re all alike. We all love the same way and I think that they would find encouragement and strength if they seek the Lord”

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