Student Spotlight: Aynor High student kick-starts ‘No One Eats Alone’ program


AYNOR, SC (WMBF) – National No One Eats Alone Day is recognized by schools across the country, but for Mallorie Brown, making sure no one eats alone for one day out of the year wasn’t enough.

She recognized the inclusiveness and positivity that comes with the leadership to include everyone at the lunch table, and did something about it.

After this year’s spring break, Brown will start the “We Dine Together” chapter at Aynor High School. She said she sees students eating alone and has also faced some feelings of exclusion as a high school sophomore.

After seeing a promotional video for the newly-started ‘We Dine Together’ program, Brown decided Aynor High School should join in.

“We should be strong as a school and how we should be strong. So I want everyone to have courage and show kindness to others so you can be strong together,” Brown said.

We Dine Together is a student-led movement that started at a Florida school and grew from there. It will begin at Aynor High with a small group of students who volunteer during their lunchtime to make sure every student has someone to eat with. The idea is to prevent loneliness, exclusiveness and bullying.

“We want it to be spread everywhere, we want it to be like a chain reaction through all schools,” said Brown, who is the program’s statewide representative.

Brown is also a cheerleader, student council president and member of the Key and Beta clubs. Her coach said he wasn’t surprised when she asked him to start We Dine Together, and he’s happy to be her partner in its beginning.

“This is, this is a big deal for a student to stand up and say that they don’t want any other student to feel like they did. It’s not about just starting a program; this goes deeper. This is the way Mallorie feels and what she’s passionate about and what she wants to change, and how she doesn’t want any other students to feel the way she did,” coach Lonnie Kaye said.

To top the excitement, Congressman Tom Rice is meeting Brown for lunch on Friday.

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