Parents can bring kids to work at new office in Summerville


There’s a new place in Summerville where you can bring your kids to work.

Work Nest is for people who might work from home, but need a quiet space that’s away from the house.

The office is located on Trolley Road.

The visionary and owner of Work Nest, Nesha Frazier, says it’s the first of kind for the state.

She says it’s a solution to problems she ran into as a working mom.

“Once you become a mom and you want to have your career and thrive as a professional you also want to be engaged as a parent and there is really no place that you can do both,” Frazier said.

Two kids later, Frazier has created a place in Summerville to help people create the balance.

At a cost of about $5 per hour for up to four hours a day, children ages 4 weeks to 6 years old can go to the ‘Kid Cave’ play area under supervision while parents work in peace.

According to the Childcare Aware for America, the cost of infant care in South Carolina is about $6,673 a year, while the cost for an infant and a 4-year-old is about $12,393 a year.

“You can work, pop in for an hour if you just need to finish a last minute project and get back to your day,” Frazier said.

Frazier is a United States Air Force veteran and current corporate recruiter who says things haven’t always been smooth balancing work and kids.

“I thought of Work Nest in the midst of my own struggle which was dealing with a lot of isolation and depression and guilt more than anything,” Frazier said.

Out of that she aims to give people hope and the tools to thrive in the workforce while being a parent, dads included.

“Believe it or not two of our seven members are dads so I was even surprised,” Frazier said.

If you are interested in learning more about the business or rates you can visit

You don’t have to have children to utilize the work space.

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