Family: Woman “ripped apart” by dogs in Walker County


A woman in Walker County is lucky to be alive after she was reportedly attacked by six dogs, according to her family. The family also tells us this is apparently not the first time this has happened in that neighborhood.

Ariel Alexander, 25, is now recovering at UAB after her family says she was viciously attacked Thursday by a group of dogs. It happened while she was walking along Fern Springs Road in the Eldridge community. Ariel’s aunt Carrie McInnis got a frantic phone call after the attack.

“She’s got lacerations all over her body. Her neck was tore up from her chin to her collar bone. Both ears, eyes, forehead. You couldn’t touch a place on her body where she didn’t have a scratch,” McInnis said.

McInnis says the dogs ripped off a portion of Ariel’s ear before they let her go.

“She’s a hundred pounds soaking wet. She was by herself and these six dogs were ripping her apart. Just kills me,” McInnis said.

Ariel’s granddad Roger Posey tried tracking the dogs down Thursday afternoon.

We found at least five dogs Friday at the scene of the attack.

“The dogs needs to be gone,” Posey said.

Posey says this is not the first time the dogs have attacked someone.

“Neighbors and things said that the dogs has come up to the church and has attacked people there. And nothing has been done about it,” Posey added.

Ariel’s family says someone needs to be held responsible for what happened

“Something should have already been done. There’s no sense in us having to beg people to come out. People need to take care of their dogs and if they are going to hurt somebody then they need to do something about it,” McInnis said.

The Walker County Sheriffs office is investigating this case. Sheriff Jim Underwood tells WBRC five dogs were picked up earlier in the day. We’re told three were turned over to the Walker County Humane Society. Two other dogs were quarantined in Fayette County by direction of the state health department according to Underwood.

We are still waiting to hear back from Underwood regarding the dogs we saw at the scene late Friday afternoon.

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