“It’s your worst nightmare,” Pickens Co. School District addresses school safety with parents

PICKENS, SC (FOX Carolina) –

What is the game plan? What is being done to keep our kids safe?

These are the questions parents in Pickens County had for the school district Monday evening.

The school district brought parents from their four area high schools together to break down the safety measures in place should worst happen. Officials admit there are details they need to keep close to the chest. Many parents asked what happens if their child is not within the four walls of a classroom? What if they are in the lunchroom, or walking down the hall when there is an active shooter? What plan is in place?

John Eby, spokesperson for Pickens County School District said the school district cannot release many details about their plan. The district feels it would compromise important information by filling a student, a potential shooter. The second concern lies in what it would do to the students psychologically to practice various shooting scenarios.

One parent sitting amongst the crowd at Pickens High School understands when the “what ifs,” become a reality.

“It’s your worst nightmare, you cannot get there fast enough,” Mark Ford said. “I was coming from Greenville, you cannot get there fast enough. And I was flying.”

His son is now in second grade. He was on the playground the day of the Townville Elementary school shooting. A day he prays no parent will ever go through.

“He saw my dad, and my dad saw him and I knew he was okay, and having a background that I have, you still can’t get there quick enough. There’s no way to prepare yourself for it,” Ford said.

Parents brought up suggestions about improved classroom doors, gaps in security and prioritizing active shooter training. The school district said teachers are trained using a method called ALICE (alert lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate.)

“The fact that there is a plan in place is outstanding,” Ford said.

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