A Family for Life: Meet Shamere and Aliyah


All they want is someone to love and protect them.

This month, we’re showcasing 7-year-old Shamere, who has been in foster care since he was two years old. He’s in foster care with his little sister, 4-year-old Aliyah, who has been in foster care since she was an infant.

They are just two of the more than 600 children in our state hoping to find A Family For Life. If you love the outdoors, have a lot of love to give and some patience, then this could be the dynamic duo for you!

The pair is as busy as they are adorable and they showed it during our play date at EdVenture. We shopped for their favorite foods, climbed a cool mountain, filed a quick report in the WIS kid studios, and even spent a few magical moments in the reading room.

That’s where we learned Aliyah loves to cozy up with a good book – and this little girl doesn’t miss a thing! She’s quite the charmer and she doesn’t share this with everyone but she’s also a prima ballerina.

As you might expect, Aliyah adores her older brother but sometimes even she knows that boys will be boys.

“He’s grumpy, he doesn’t want to be my friend,” she says.

Shamere does keep his guard up, especially when meeting someone new. He seems like a little man with so much on his mind. Understandable, considering he’s grown up in foster care but once you convince him to open up, you discover he’s full of dreams, too.

“I was about to say a football player, but no, I’d really like to be a motorcycle driver,” Shamere said.

Adoption specialists believe Shamere and Aliyah would do well in a two-parent family structure and healthy discipline. When asking the kids what they want in a forever family, it’s almost as if Shamere is afraid to even go there.

“Someone to play with me and have fun with me,” he said.

But Miss Aliyah is all in! To her, a forever family means hugs.

The goal is to adopt Shamere and Aliyah together and that could in the same home or it could mean with two different families who are related.

The most important thing is that they stay connected. With the siblings growing up in foster care, they’ve been through a lot but the great thing about adopting through the Department of Social Services is that resources and services are available, every step of the way, free of charge.

If adoption is in your heart, the first step is to call 1-888-828-3555.

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