PALM Charter students build race car and raise funds for new facility


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) — Students at PALM Charter High School are getting a unique hands on education, being exposed to all aspects of the motorsports industry.

When you think back to your days in high school and the class projects, building a race car probably wasn’t one of them.

That’s exactly what students at PALM Charter have done and this weekend they saw that car hit the race track for the very first time.

The sound of a roaring engine, the smell of burning rubber, eight months of hard labor and team work, all geared towards one passion, motorsports.

In fact, PALM is the only motorsports high school in the country and has outgrown its current facility.

Along with debuting their race car, the school is also looking to raise $50,000 to help fund their new building currently under construction.

“The ultimate purpose here is to teach kids something so when they leave our school they will be able to survive in our society and move forward with whatever venture they may have in there future,” said PALM Instructor, Keith Ferrell.

PALM Charter Principal, Avery Moore said, much like a real racing team sponsors are important and the community is a huge part of this student driven project, giving many the tools for their future.

This isn’t even the first race car some of the students built.

The sky blue 32 debuted at the Myrtle Beach Speedway in 2017.

The car is completely students built from the ground up, the motor, the graphics all done by students.

One of the seniors will even continue his education at the Universal Technical Institute as part of its NASCAR program.

Students are won’t get behind the wheel this weekend, they’ll leave that to their principal Avery Moore.

The school hopes to be moving into their new facility in Conway this coming school year.

The race will start at 2:30 PM on Sunday, April 8th at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.

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