Windsor Green residents say blaze brought back memories of 2013 fire


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Thursday night’s fire at the Windsor Green condominium complex brought back many terrifying memories of the devastating blaze in 2013 that destroyed or damaged 26 buildings and left dozens homeless.

Several residents on Friday said Thursday night’s fire was like flashing back to a nightmare.

From the sirens, the screaming and, of course, the blazing fire, many of these residents were taken back five years. For those living in the neighboring buildings, they could not believe something like this was happening again.

“Embers were landing on our roof. We thought, ‘That’s it,’” said Carol Bloom.

On Friday morning, residents woke up to the remains of building 4970. Many were in shock, but thankful the fire did not spread across the complex like in 2013.

After the fire five years ago, Windsor Green became a fire wise community. The pine trees were all taken out, while the pine straw which used to lay in all of the beds between each condo have been replaced with mulch.

These changes, many residents believe, helped prevent this fire from spreading to any other condo.

With this recent fire, residents said there are also plenty of things they have learned. In fact, several who live on the second or third floor spoke about purchasing ladders.

“It’s something I never thought about,” said Jerry Bloom.

The fire wise board will be sending out an email to residents about purchasing ladders in the following weeks.

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