Demolition of Little Beaver Bar upsets neighboring business, land owner


MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – The recent demolition of an iconic Murrells Inlet location has left a neighboring business unhappy.

The Little Beaver Bar was demolished earlier this week by the owner of the Beaver Bar.

Biker bar SBB sits right next to the land where Little Beaver Bar used to be.

Stephen Pease, SBB’s general manager, wasn’t happy to see Little Beaver Bar get demolished because his bar was going to have its name on the lease at the end of the month.

Pease said he planned on using the building once his name was on the lease, but now he can’t.

“Without a building on that property, when it comes to bike week and stuff like that where we would actually use it, you have to have a building on it in order to obtain vendor permits, liquor licenses and stuff like that,” Pease said. “So by tearing it down, there’s nothing you can do with that property except park cars and bikes on it.”

Pease also claimed Beaver Bar demolished Little Beaver Bar without a permit. WMBF News checked into that claim and discovered Horry County issued Beaver Bar an inspection slip for demolishing the building without a permit.

The Beaver Bar was then given three business days to get the permit for the demolition despite the fact it had already been torn down.

According to the landowner, she was surprised by the demolition and Beaver Bar didn’t notify her it was going to happen either. She said the land has been in her family for generations, and she hopes it gets used for something with meaning.

The owner of the Beaver Bar declined to comment on the situation.

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