TALK OF THE TOWN: Brick and mortar needed to help other battered dogs like Sweet Pea


A Midlands foster-based rescue wants to build a brick and mortar sanctuary.

It will better serve rescues like Sweet Pea, a dog we introduced to you recently. Cindy Smith and Katherine Ashley are with Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue.

The Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition says Sweet Pea was found dumped on the side of the road with severe wounds. She likely was being used as a bait dog in dogfighting. Sweet Pea is now recovering after a foster owner raised enough money for her extensive vet care.

The once timid and frightened dog is overcoming the nightmare of her abuse and is learning to trust people again. She recently was introduced to horses and did not flinch. Her rescuers are grateful to report Sweet Pea is going to make it not just physically, but emotionally.

Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition is a 501 C 3 non-profit animal rescue. It is a foster-based rescue with a goal of building a brick and mortar sanctuary.

It’s an all-volunteer organization.

“Our goal is to work to achieve a No Kill status for our county, state, and nation. We believe that no pet should die just because it is homeless,” Smith said. “Our mission is to end the pain and suffering of homeless pets. We accomplish this in several ways that include providing medical treatment for injured or sick pets, providing safe forever homes for stray pets and providing temporary homes for homeless pets. Our funding comes from a variety of sources including membership drives, special events, grants and special appeals. Our philosophy is that there is always something we can do to help a homeless pet.”

The group’s programs are varied to meet the comprehensive needs of its rescue and the pets they strive to help.

  • Unchain Orangeburg – Second Chance tries to provide pens and dog houses to outdoor dogs to avoid their being chained, giving the dog a place to run and play.
  • Pet Food Pantry – This program provides food to individuals finding starving stray or dumped animals and to pet owners who find themselves having to give up their pets due to temporary financial setbacks.
  • Somewhere, Somebody Knows Something – A campaign working with local media and law enforcement to help prevent/report animal abuse and cruelty.
  • Adoption Ambassadors – This program takes fostering pets to a different level. An adoption ambassador fosters the pets but also actively works to
  • find the pet their forever home working with in our rescues adoption guidelines.
  • Foster and adoptions programs—to provide a forever home for a homeless pet.
  • Spay and Neuter programs – These include providing the funds to low-income families to spay or neuter their pets. The program also has an educational portion to encourage all pet owners to spay and neuter their pets.
  • Working Cat Program – Many farms and warehouses with rodent problems agree to take a feral cat or cats and provide their daily needs and medical care, and, in turn, the cats provide a way to stop the rodent population on their property.

“A major need our rescue faces is the need for a brick and mortar sanctuary,” Smith said. “A site with enough land for our rescues to exercise and play where they can be socialized, where potential adopters can meet all the rescues on one site and a place to immediately house a homeless pet in need. We rescue and/or assist with the rescue of an average of 200 homeless pets each year. We focus on companion animals like dogs and cats but have assisted with birds, goats and a variety of other animals.”

Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition works to build teams and secure the funding necessary to end the pain and suffering of homeless pets.

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