Former EMT accused of refusing to help baby who wasn’t breathing


DETROIT (WDIV/CNN) – A former Detroit Fire Department EMT faces a willful neglect of duty charge after the 2015 death of an 8-month-old girl.

Ann Marie Thomas was fired as an EMT after the fire department said she refused to help the premature baby, who wasn’t breathing.

“You have to make contact with your patient,” said the Detroit Fire EMS supervisor over the radio.

Thomas allegedly didn’t rush to the scene as she was supposed to but instead parked her vehicle around the corner.

The baby died at the hospital.

Prosecutors say they were waiting on evidence from the fire department but are now able to move forward with the case.

Thomas was charged with neglect, nearly two years after the girl’s death.

The girl’s mother, Janee Wright-Trussell, was also charged with homicide and child abuse – in November 2016. She denies any wrongdoing.

“I loved my daughter, and I wish and pray that she was still here,” Wright-Trussell said.

The mother says she can’t believe she was charged before Thomas.

“I sat up in jail. I sat in jail for something I didn’t do to my daughter, and why is she out here still free?” Wright-Trussell said.

The mother says she tried to save her daughter, but Thomas didn’t.

“I’m living through Hell right now. I can’t believe… To me, I feel like I’m in a coma, just waiting to wake up,” Wright-Trussell said.

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