DHEC discuss prevention, new West Nile Virus cases


When Adam Roberts walks out of his house, mosquitoes used to greet him.

“It used to be that we couldn’t even come outside and use the yard,” Roberts said.

A walk to his mailbox, or just through the yard could mean a mosquito attack.

“The kids couldn’t play,” Roberts said.

Trees and a big lot attracted him to the Greenville County neighborhood, but the unwanted vicious visitors had to go.

“It’s just kind of – it’s more of a nuisance thing for us- the mosquitoes, but yeah preventing diseases is always good too,” Roberts said.

To protect himself and his family, he gets his yard sprayed.

“We also use a lavicide which we treat with,” Billy Scales, the owner of Mosquito Squad said.

It’s a company that specializes in killing mosquitoes.

“Mosquitoes have often been called the most dangerous creature in the world,” Scales said.”They’re responsible for more deaths than lions, tigers, anything you can have – so treating for them is very important.”

His technicians spray leaves, trees, and educate homeowners.

“To really mosquito check their yard- tip over any standing water, to look for tarps or anything that will contain water,” Scales said.

Dr. Melissa Overman is an assistant state epidemiologist with the Department of Health and Environmental Control. The department released new information about West Nile Virus cases throughout South Carolina.

“Whenever you have mosquito activity, you have the potential of having West Nile Virus being spread,” Overman said.

There are 11 people sick with the virus in six counties, which include Greenville, Union, and one person died in Anderson County.

“Every season is unique and the biggest piece for any season is re-enforcing those prevention measures so that regardless of what happened last year, we can keep other folks from getting sick this year.”

That’s why Roberts hires technicians to shoot down mosquitoes, so they won’t bite him.

“It just makes it a lot more enjoyable,” he said.

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