Pet turns into monster 3 pound goldfish found in Parma lake (video)


Ever wonder what would happen if you took your child’s goldfish and released it into a pond or lake?

Wonder no more because a 3 pound goldfish was found in Twin Lakes in Parma this summer. Recently the Northeast Ohio Sewer District posted a video Oct. 20 about the goldfish that was likely once a feeder sold for less than a dollar at a pet store.

“The Twin Lakes project is part of the Regional Stormwater Management Program,” said Jean Smith a spokesperson for NORSD. “This project was done to assess the integrity of the Twin Lakes Dam. Before the inspection of the dam could be conducted, the lake had to be drained.

Before the lake could be drained the Cleveland Metroparks was called into remove as many of the fish as possible.

Using a shock system the fish float to the surface, are scooped up with a net and in this case they were taken to a pond at Camp Cheerful and released.

The whole process was documented in this video and posted on Facebook.

In the process the team was a little shocked when a massive gold fish also appeared.

“More than likely, someone probably put it in the lake. As noted in the video, people should not release their pets into the wild,” said Smith.

While they were amazed by the size, the NORSD is using this an opportunity to educate the public.

“It is invasive as it is not native to this area. When they are placed in a habitat, like the Twin Lakes Dam, they compete with native species for food sources, and this can impact the environment,” warned Smith.

As for the massive size, according to several articles online, goldfish can continue to grow if it’s provided the right environment and apparently Twin Lakes is that right environment.

“Invasive species do not have natural predators. So, it gives them the opportunity to constantly eat the food sources,” said Smith.

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