Infant with medical issues caught between feuding neighbors


A feud between neighbors in West Harrison, Indiana is leaving an infant girl with medical issues caught in the middle.

The cold weather is restricting access on the Indiana side of State Road for a family who may need to leave their house in a hurry.

Frankeigh Ann Fletcher was finally well enough to come home from the hospital on Dec. 12.

“She was born exactly 100 days early,” her mother, Bailey Fletcher said.”It’s very important because she has no upper airway, so she can’t breathe through her mouth or nose and without the trache she’d be dead.”

The family said they have trouble getting to the road, and if called upon, emergency crews could not make it to the house due to the iced over bridge leading to the property.

There is a swinging bridge over the creek, but it’s not wide enough to accommodate more than one person at a time. There is a way out, but it’s on their neighbor’s property.

“I’m not here to bad mouth him or make him look like a bad man by no means, neither neighbor. We just ask the maybe he keep that clear until we get something done with our bridge,” Frankeigh’s grandmother, Amanda Evans, said.

Evans admits there is bad blood between her and her next door neighbor, Jimmy Eibeck. She said she filmed him on his tractor after he placed a telephone pole down to block access to the bridge on his property.

“That is not meant to be drove through. That is why they put it there. That’s why we put it there,” the neighbor’s sister, Dottie Damico said.

Eibeck’s family pointed out tire tracks in the snow as evidence that Frankeigh’s family is using his bridge for non-emergency driving.

“We’ve dealt with it. We just use the foot bridge, but with Frankeigh now it makes things differently. We have to look at it differently,” Evans said.

‘It’s not the first winter they’ve been through… so I feel sorry for the baby, don’t get me wrong. I understand, but I’m sorry. They knew what the situation was before they brought that baby home,” Damico said.

Frankeigh’s family said once the baby reaches the age of two or three she can have a surgery that will allow her to breathe on her own.

Until then, they must hope there is no reason to have to rush her to the hospital.

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