Myrtle Beach neighborhood on edge after suspicious men roam through


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – People who live in the Pelican Harbor neighborhood in Myrtle Beach are on edge after police say two men roamed through the neighborhood, possibly breaking windows Wednesday night.

Police say they responded to multiple homes Wednesday night in reference to broken windows. According to a report, officers searched the neighborhood for two suspicious men.

One neighbor captured two men who she thinks are the suspicious people police referred to on surveillance video.

In that video, one man appears to approach the door, but then he retreats after he sees the security camera to the right of the door.

About two hours later, another man appears to approach the door and jiggle the handle before he also sees himself on camera and retreats.

Ashleigh Frialde lives at the house where the surveillance footage captured the two men. She says this isn’t normal for her neighborhood.

“I’m really surprised that this happened here in this neighborhood with us because I feel safe,” Frialde said.

Frialde walks dogs frequently, and she said she never feels afraid while walking the animals around the neighborhood.

She believes the two men captured on surveillance video could be the ones who broke the windows.

“I will never not have one,” Frialde said about her security system. “I think it’s essential for every homeowner to have one.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Myrtle Beach police.

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