‘I want him dead…I want it to look like an accident,’ woman allegedly told informant in murder-for-hire plot


A woman arrested in a murder-for-hire plot allegedly offered an informant $500 to kill her husband, according an arrest warrant affidavit.

The arrest warrant was obtained by KLTV on Thursday from the Gregg County Criminal District Attorney.

According to the warrant, a confidential informant worked with law enforcement to arrest Deeanna Ann Aldredge, 23, of Gladewater, after she allegedly offered him money to kill her husband. Gregg County Sheriff Maxey Cerliano ordered her arrest by signing the warrant, and she was arrested on June 19.

The informant spoke with Investigator Bobby Clawson and Longview Police Department Detective Kelly Humphrey at a pre-determined location, the warrant revealed. The affidavit also details how the informant, whose identity is not being released, said that Aldredge had called his cell phone twice and offered him money to kill her child’s father. The informant explained to investigators that her husband has full custody of the child due to her having failed a drug test, and Deeanna believed that her husband “stole” the child from her, the warrant says. She had not been able to regain custody, he said.

The informant said that the first time Aldredge asked him to kill her husband was about a month ago at Jack Ryan’s Steakhouse in Kilgore, according to the warrant. He said that she took him to show him where her husband lives in White Oak. She told him where her husband works, as well, and showed him the vehicle he drives. The informant said that she then offered him cash to kill her husband or have someone kill him, though she at that time did not say any particular amount she would pay, according to the warrant.

The informant said that on June 13, Deeanna called him, again asking him to kill her husband or whether he could find someone who would. He said that as soon as the call was over he called Lt. Hope to tell him about the incidents. Hope got a photo of Aldredge, and showed it to the informant, and the informant positively identified the person as Aldredge, or “Dee,” as he called her, according to the arrest warrant.

It also detailed how the investigators had the informant call Aldredge and recorded the call; Deeanna Aldredge said during that call that she still wanted to have her husband killed, and offered $500 to have it done. She said that she wanted to meet him in person to discuss it further. They set up a meeting for Saturday, June 16.

On Saturday, the investigators met with the informant and gave him recording equipment to wear during the meeting. They met in a predetermined location while investigators watched and listened in. They told the informant to tell Aldredge that he had someone who was interested in killing her husband, according to the warrant.

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It goes on to reveal that the informant got into Aldredge’s car, which they say is registered to her husband. During the meeting, investigators say that Aldredge told the informant that she did not want to speak about the plot over the phone or via text messages anymore, saying she didn’t want to leave a paper trail.

They say she showed him her husband’s Facebook photo so he could recognize him, and then she gave the informant his work schedule. The informant told her that “his guy” needed an act of good faith for the payment. She offered to pay $100 to the person before the job was done and the rest after her husband was killed, and then they say she said, “If he could make it look like an accident that would be great,” according to the arrest warrant.

The informant asked her if she wanted him specifically “dead, beat to hell, knees broke, or what?” and she replied, “I want him dead. I want it to look like an accident.” She added that she wanted it done when her son was not with his father, investigators say.

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Aldredge then allegedly said that she could give the person to be hired $100 for an up-front payment, but reiterated that she wanted it to look accidental so it would not be considered murder and lead back to anyone. She said it would “be a lot easier that way, so it wouldn’t be investigated.” Deeanna allegedly then went on further to say she wanted it “hush-hush” and then said again that if it looked like an accident it wouldn’t be investigated, according to the warrant.

Investigators say that during the recorded meeting she again gave the informant her husband’s vehicle description and made arrangements to meet with the person who would kill him for pay. She then wrote a note with the location of where her husband worked, what his home address was, and what he drove, and handed it to the informant. She then dropped the informant off.

Next, the warrant says, the investigators picked him up. They took the audio/video recording from the informant, as well as the note she handed him.

Law enforcement then reviewed the audio/video recordings, finding them in good working order. The arrest warrant was then issued for Deeanna Aldredge, on June 18. She was arrested the following day for felony criminal solicitation. She is being held in the Gregg County jail on $250,000 bond.

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