Florence Civic Center rebranding to ‘Florence Center,’ expanding services offered


FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – The Florence Civic Center is getting a brand to go along with its new look. Today, business leaders previewed the future of the center with a new strategic business and re-branding plan during a private lunch.

The goal of the new brand is to cater everyone’s need.

We want them to understand that we’re the center of your wedding, the center of your reunion, the center of your sports, the center of you live entertainment,” said Paul Beard, Florence Civic Center General Manager.

In January, the city of Florence started construction on the 16-million-dollar expansion of the civic center. To go with the new look the Florence Civic Center will now be known as the Florence Center, along with a new logo. The new name and logo was laced on the building today.

Barry Townsend is the founder of Townsend™ Brand & Design Studio, the company behind the re-branding. Townsend said the re-branding of the center was long overdue.

“The former branding, you know, the colors and stuff just did not reflect the look of the new venue and so strategically and practically now is the right time,” said Townsend.

“Using the connotation civic center plants, a certain type of venue in people’s mind,” said Beard. “They think of a small town with a small facility for social events, whereas this is truly more of a conference convention center.”

To help get the word out about the re-branding of the new center. The Florence civic center came up with a new marketing strategy. The new strategy includes reaching out to new markets and raising awareness of the new brand through social media and online.

“I think the strategic is a road map that enables them to identify where they are headed, provide some key goals and measurements to track how they’re doing and monitor their success,” said Becky Davenport, Co-Founder of Strategiz.

When it comes to the future of the new and improved Florence Center, ultimately, the team wants people to know that “when you’re at the Florence center, you’re at the center of what’s happening”

Expansion is expected to be completed in January of 2018. You can check out more on the new branding and business plans below.

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