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Palmer was born and bred in Charleston, SC and has been on the air in South Carolina for 25 years! Palmer is a huge football fan College (go Tigers, sorry Gamecock fans) and Pro (Minnesota Vikings, Sorry Palmer), wrestling, Soccer fan and surprisingly knows his way around the kitchen. Palmer may be the biggest Star Wars nerd you know, he has a Stormtrooper Tattoo on his forearm and a room dedicated to Star Wars. He loves to play video games and watch youtube with his 9 year old daughter.

Follow Palmer on Facebook at edpalmersc, Instagram @palmer993 and on Tiktok palmer_993 .

Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Batman "The Dark Knight", The Lord Of The Rings

Favorite Foods: Fried Chicken, Steak, Pasta

Favorite Artists: The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, B-52's

Hobbies: Star Wars Anything, Video Games, Cooking

Favorite Vacation Spot: The Mountains